1. For the rest of our lives, and the lives of our children, we are going to be confronted by people who don’t want to live peacefully in a secular, pluralistic world, because they are desperate to get to Paradise, and they are willing to destroy the very possibility of human happiness along the way. The truth is, we are all living in Israel. It’s just that some of us haven’t realized it yet.

    Why Don’t I Criticize Israel? : : Sam Harris

  2. They found that when one chills liquid helium below the lambda point—2.17 K—the boiling liquid falls suddenly, eerily still, and it takes on bizarre properties. The individual helium atoms blur into one another and become a single “superatom”, also known as a partial Bose-Einstein Condensation. This is a demonstration of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which states that the more precisely the momentum of a particle is determined, the less precisely its position can be known. Since particles below the lambda point have almost no movement, their momentums are almost entirely “known,” therefore by necessity their positions become so inexact that they begin to overlap one another. In this situation atoms stop behaving like discrete things and become ambiguous smears of quantum probabilities.

    Absolute Zero is 0K • Damn Interesting

  3. All that remained to liquefy was hydrogen—an odorless, colorless gas which tends to turn into a universe if left alone for a prolonged period.

    Absolute Zero is 0K • Damn Interesting

  4. Working is hard, but thinking about working is pretty fun. The result is the software industry.

    Doomed to Repeat It — The Message — Medium

  5. (via An 83-Year-Old Photographer Found A Box Labeled “Mothers” Full of Images He Took Almost 50 Years Ago | Bored Panda)